• Be nice to everyon​e. Don't exhibit you personal conflicts here.
  • ​No spamming or posting of sexually explicit contents.
  • ​Hacking will lead to permanent ban
  • ​Abuse is prohibited no matter to whome it's done and can lead to slap, slay, kick or even bans in some cases where the player is not agreeing to the orders given by admins.
  • ​On less players, admin can command for half map only. Not following the command of admins can lead to slap, slay, kick or even ban.
Admin Rules

[ »» ] No Multiclanning

[ »» ] Have a nice tuning with other players & admins

​[ »» ] Don't use HUD too often and without reason. HUD is for special messages.

For example - If some player is spamming you can use HUD to tell him not to spam.

However, using HUD for normal chats is prohibited.

You've been given a green colored chat for that :-)

[ »» ] ​Vote of "MAP CHANGE - YES OR NO" must be taken before taking map change votes having choice of maps.

[ »» ] ​Never use your powers for your fun.

[ »» ] Don't ban players without any reason.

[ »» ] ​Spec enough rounds before banning.

[ »» ] Take a demo of player before banning during spec so that in case of conflicts that can help.

[ »» ] ​Base camping is allowed but only for sometime.

[ »» ] ​Be friendly with players & try to enjoy with making others enjoy too by keeping server free from hackers.

[ »» ] ​Community tag is compulsory for every admin.

[ »» ] ​Not following any of the above rules may lead to straight away removal of your adminship, if paid admins, don't think of refund.